Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kobster - For all your Office Needs and Supplies

It often occurs that we need to move to market for buying small office stationery items, which wastes a lot of time. What if you can find all the office supplies you may need at one single destination.

I recently came across Kobster, a perfect solution for buying all your office needs online. No, this is not another e-commerce website in line. Founded by Vineet, Mohan and Karthik, Kobster has very well implemented the idea of providing all your office supply needs at one stop. Kobster has been recently launched on 5th September and looks very promising.

Be it a folder, a file, your laptop cooling pad, staplers, sharpners, beverages, a desk organizer or brooms, Kobster has everything in store related to Office Stationary, Electronics, Cleaning Products and other facilities. Kobster has tied up with very well known brands like Cello, Kores, Maped, Reynolds, Godrej, etc to provide you a whole quality range of products. It currently offers 1200+ items with online payment as well as COD facility. To test the prices, I searched few products and compared their prices with my recent purchases, and found its prices to be reasonable. Each product comes with a discount. Also the website offers a 21 day credit period for Corporate Buyers. The User Interface is as it should be. I was able to find out almost everything my office needs here. 


So here is my take on this website. Kobster is very nice and useful. Just some good publicity marketing campaigns and this website is going to be everyone’s bookmark for office needs. 
This seems to be one of the next big thing.The plus point about its market is that all the users are going to be return users. So once someone comes here for purchase, he is surely going to return back next time.

Grab your office supplies here: Kobster

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