Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bijli Bachao!

Are your Home or Office electricity bills going high? Here is a web startup built for a good cause, called “Bijli Bachao”. Founded by Manisha & Abhishek Jain, Bijli Bachao is an initiative that aims to help residential & SMB customers to reduce their electricity consumption thereby reducing the monthly outflow of money towards electricity bill.

Bijli Bachao's mission is to "Provide consumers the right kind of information so that they can make informed decision towards their electricity consumption". The collection of various functionalities and information at the same place is apprecialble.

The website gives tips for saving electricity on various electrical appliances. It provides Information resources through Brand Comparisons, understanding electricity basics, electricity bill calculator service and information of various programs offered by government. The team is also working to make their system work for commercial tariff, expand their appliance base, surveys and other recommendations.

The future plans of BijliBachao is to to create a platform on which they can run DSM (Demand Side Management) programs and work with commercial manufactures.

Wrapping up, BijliBachao is a nice initiative which has huge potential to flourish, both as useful resource for people and a commercial success. However I would expect improvements in User Interface in next versions.

I recommend looking through the website before switching on your appliances next :) Spend time reading the useful resources.

You can visit the website here: BijliBachao

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