Saturday, 25 August 2012

Giveter - Best Gift Ideas

Gifting has always been a tough task for many of us. Choosing the perfect gift out of innumerable options is always a troublesome job. So two solution seekers - Avinash Saxena and Mayank Bhangadia, have come up with an interesting startup Giveter ,a gift discovery site to find relevant gifts based on recipient’s age, relationship to gifter and
occasion. So here is a follow up of the same.

The website discovers the appropriate gifts by the following criteria:
1) By Recipient's Age
2) Relationship with recipient
3) Occasion for gift
These categories have various sub-categories to choose from.

To take a test drive, I selected Youth as Recipient's Age, Friend(Her) as Relationship with
recipient and Birthday as Occasion for gift. In the result I found a variety of cool and relevant gift options ranging from Gadgets, Novels, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Cakes, Angry Birds Speaker, Gift Voucher and lot more. Moreover I can refine my search based on the mood,
personality and price range of gifts. It’s cool. However, there were some results like Personalized Tees for Him, which I found out of my search category.

I browsed Giveter with other options and categories and was happy with this. Simple and clean User-Interface, designed with focussed target market makes this website worth using. I would certainly come back to it on next gifting occasion. Presently the website has 2500+ gifting products which would certainly increase in future.

Have a look at this promising startup Giveter here: Giveter



nidhi said...

Awesome site !! It will solve a big problem of deciding gifts !

Anonymous said...

woaahh!! gifting wont be difficult now