Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Last Bench - Thoughtless No More

There are some platforms which look promising even from their first look and Last Bench is certainly one of them. An initiative by Rajeev Chhajer and Sajid Chougle, I personally liked this idea very much reading their mission line "Our mission is to make learning continuous, specific, universally available and most importantly FUN!"

Last Bench is here to solve a very common issue of handling Business knowledge and Management skills as the critical assets for success. “Essentially Business” is the platform  where you can take up courses relevant to your own professional goals, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to step into increasingly challenging managerial roles and enabling you to understand “business” better. The program combines foundational management coursework, individualized professional development workshops, and networking opportunities with guest speakers from leading companies to give participants a solid understanding of business fundamentals. The in-class collaborative delivery model makes for a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

The platform targets Students entering the corporate workforce, Professionals from non-business backgrounds, MBA aspirants who want to experience business courses and Entrepreneurs who need a formal understanding of business disciplines and current issues. It explores alternate, holistic and more effective approaches to traditional learning and promotes self-reflection, self-evaluation and sharing of ideas to provide a different perspective on education as a whole. Last Bench! has quickly identified the power of the online medium of training delivery and looks to migrate its offline version on its
online learning suite.
Presently the following modules are into picture:
Sell It (Marketing)
Think it all! (Business Strategy)
Accounting 101 (Accounting) and
Corporate Finance for Dummies (Finance)
The team promises to add other courses in future.

The UI of the website is properly designed as per the theme. I am looking forward to try out their courses on release. 

Have a look at LastBench here: Last-Bench

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