Sunday, 26 August 2012

WriterBabu - For Writer within us

It happens! Sometimes we want to share something but don't want to reveal self to our friends on social networks. It maybe your latest poem, an idea, a story or anything. Started by Srijan Srivastava, WriterBabu is a website for writers who believe in philosophy of true and free expression writing. 

Its unique structure and design, attempts to ensure this freedom for the writer and an unbiased mindset for the readers. Writing anonymously one can break free of their public image and the biases attached to their name, class, sex and origin.  Reveal a secret, share your dreams, gossip, confess.  A writer can post either being visible or anonymous. Follow and connect with other authors. Build your own diaries and follow diaries of other authors. It also features top stories and authors.


I tried out this application for a while and here is my take on this. WriterBabu is a very fresh idea. While other networks emphasizes on revealing your identity, WriterBabu lets you express your ideas freely without any concerns. It brings in some new ideas like Diaries and has nice potential to evolve. Aspiring writers who want to write and share freely, will find this very website useful. However I feel, it needs to work out on the User Interface part of the website and make the experience look more uniform and interactive to attract more users.

Have a look at this innovative concept here:


Srijan said...

Its a nice surprise... thanks for doing a story on WriterBabu. Will definitely improve the UI/UX part.

Anonymous said...

I had a look at the site and while it's a pretty awesome idea, I feel that the writing on WriterBabu (ironic) needs to be proofed for typos - otherwise, serious writers will be put off.